What do you bring with you when you ride ?

26 jun 2018

A couple of days ago while chatting on our Discord Channel with other fellow readers, I was wondering what people bring on their bike rides. It may be commute or long distance, but I wonder what guys you carry on your everyday rides ... For me, as I only ride road bike (for now) I always bring a lot of equipment in case of puncture (from me or friends I ride with). The distance may vary from 45 to 100 km, but here is what I always have in my saddle bag. SKS Tom 18 Multi-Tool Vintage Michelin tire lever (they are maybe 40 years old as they were used by my dad) Vintage Vulcavite patch box with patches, glue and sand paper Opinel N°8 Tour de France - Special Edition Air Chamber More patches...

Not pictured here are water bottles, pump, cash and ID card. And you, what are your everyday ride essentials ? Share them with us !

26 jun 2018

I do short rides mostly 1 hour to 1 and a half so I just bring my water bottle a Allen key set and lock that's it, rarely carry my patch kit and I should walked home 2 x so far

19 aug 2018

I always have some money, and really often imbus 5mm :D

20 oct 2018

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