Pro tips to level up your photography skills !

22 apr 2020

Hey all ! :wave: We know you love bikes, we do too ! And we guess you love taking pics of your bike, because well, we do too ! :grin:
Do you want to level up your pics game so your bikes pics will look like a pro took them ? Well, the guys at and pro bike photograph Benedict Campbell give us 5 tips to make the perfect pictures !
Even with your smartphone and in lockdown you could achieve this. So take a look, take a try, at home or outside while practicing social distancing and show us your pics here ...
:point_right: Also guys, a quick reminder, good pics of your build can make your bike featured on the frontpage and our instagram feed easier :wink:
Read the full article here :

Photo credits : Benedict Campbell

22 apr 2020

Last summer, my FORT Track 7005... A lost boat in the hills, no bartape and some iPhone 6s shot in the wild !

22 apr 2020

hahaha, throw your bike and take picture

24 apr 2020

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