@karl so clean! Looks a lot like your #PinarelloPista but should be more compact with this #ColnagoDreamPista frame. Amazing build :)
11 jan
@daam Thank you so much! My newest addition to the stable! I also have a Bianchi D2 Super Pista coming up! :) Still learning the site - gonna post some more photos of parts in details here!
20 jan
@karl Thank you for all your submissions ! I will release a new version of the website in a month. Everything should be (way more) easier and cleaner so don't bother learning anything else :)
22 jan
@daam That sounds fantastic! This site has so much potential and the whole idea of restrictions when it comes to pictures in low quality is amazing! I'm behind you all the way - keep up the great work!
22 jan
@Karl hi Karl, will you re position your tags on this one? (see at present all hidden behind the frame tag ) or would you like me to do it? it was on my list cause i added one tag to it but you have 6 including frame tag, let me know please, hope all is great with you
23 aug
@Nauj Hey you! Thanks for the message, and sorry for the slow reply - I'm swamped with work these days and haven't been online here as much as I would like. I couldn't figure out how to position the tags when I added them so it's not meant to be this way - if you have time, you're more than welcome to do it, it's really kind of you! I need to figure it out myself as well, though, so if it's too much work, it's no problem at all whatsoever! Hope you are well too! Cheers
30 aug
@Karl Hello there ;), no worries, now its me who apologies-es for the delayed answer, I'll be happy to take care of them no worries , I understand work takes precedence and BTW positioning the tags is really easy once you do one you'll see if you need any assistance when you get time to look at them I will be happy to answer any questions i can, i'll take care of this one for you will be my pleasure :) am well thanks for asking, nursing a nasty back strain so no biking the last week and a half :( but all good , cheers
4 sep
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