3 aug 2016
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I was extremely happy to find this beautiful original Centurion Pro Tour (c. 1979) on Ebay a couple of years ago. Alas, all too soon the frame was ruined by a hit-and-run driver who rolled through a country stop sign and caused me to crash into the side of his truck! What a pity...

3 aug 2016

@Kilroy1988 what a shame, did you get hurt ? Have you put the other parts on a new frame ?

4 aug 2016

Hello Daam. No, I wasn't hurt beyond some scratches. I'd had worse from falling over when I was first learning the art of clipless pedals! But the frame and rims were toasted. I actually just began taking it apart recently, and still have the components. Frame hunting will begin soon... Thanks!

4 aug 2016

@Kilroy1988 looking forward to see your new ride !

5 aug 2016
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