@Mattrosito this bike is completely insane, would you share any other photos? also any story behind this build?
11 jan
@daam Yoooo much appreciated man. Only have just the one right now, planning on getting some more if I find someone with a legitimate dslr. As for a story, I snagged the bike up complete from a couple that had it setup all period like. The frameset looked like it came out of a time capsule (I believe it had been in a box since the last owner rode it in the Eroica, California a few years back). You can check that out here cycleitalia.blogspot.com. Wanted a dope ass 1x commuter to bang on so this is what I came up with haha Frame was built by John Slawta at Land Shark a while back. The only identifier is a Land Shark logo stamped on the brake bridge. The most fun I've had on a bicycle has come from the few miles I've ridden on this one. Thanks for the interest homie.
11 jan
Also, pedalroom link: pedalroom.com
11 jan
@Mattrosito thx for the story. Again, nice job!
12 jan
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