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@daam Hi, I just noticed I lost 1060 points on my score , is this something new? now we get points deducted for not being around or loading bikes or tagging? or is it just a glitch? Thanks :) have a nice weekend !

7 apr 2018

@Nauj hey! Points were not accurate since the update. Ive just lost 24k points too. Im just trying to calculate them without any mistake. Featured bikes uploaded points calculation was incorrect. Now it is.

I know there are still some problems and Im trying to fix them (points related to specs). However I think it will just mean gain more points by now :smile: Hope you understand :) You will always keep points from action you do on the website.

Could you post this king of message here next time, thx :wink:

8 apr 2018

@daam , hey thanks for the response, I been away the weekend hence my o late comment on it, I fail to understand , by the upgrade do you mean the latest? if so why would it affects points from before, since the latest u/g i only loaded like 4 bikes but i was 560 point away form 5k now am back where i was after the upgrade a year ago (almost a year) am not complaining just trying to understand . Also, - Acknowledge about where to report this type of question and i will moving forward , Thank you again

9 apr 2018
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