CRIT :camera_with_flash: Les Boucles d'Or

25 apr 2018

Last Saturday, @loume and I were at Les Boucles d'Or, a fixedgear crit in :flag-fr: Lyon, France hosted by Team Wild Child, Roulez Jeunesse and the fat guys from Team Gras.

I've shot some bikes there. To follow my uploads, check this hashtag: #bouclesdor

Come with me and let me show you where we had fun

The event took place at the Velodrome inside the Parc de la tete d'or. The Velodrome is currently closed and needs to be repaired however it's still the perfect place to run a criterium.

The way the runs were organized was pretty simple, 60 heats of 6 riders. So simple that I didn't really understand.

We were very lucky to have a marvelous singer :wink: :musical_note: Bella, woohouuhouuu Bella :musical_note:

Then it was time to shred

And to drink

While making noise. Thanks to Sauvicrew

And now I'll just throw out some shots of the races, enjoy!

Olivier Leroy from Aventon won the Men Finals

And Barbara fonseca won the Women Finals. Congratz both of you :muscle:

Thanks to all these guys for this event :facepunch: Team Wild Child and Roulez Jeunesse

Thanks to @loume for the photos

Thanks to @raton for the photos

Thanks to @jbdelorme for the support

I'll post a story about the Chistocross soon. Cheers :beers:

Here are all of our photos, unedited, unfiltered. This way you'll probably find a picture of you performing like a champ. Remember that your profile picture on facebook needs to be changed at every crit event.

24 apr 2018

:muscle: :the_horns: :muscle: :the_horns:

27 apr 2018

Thanks for the report you three ! Hope you don't have top much sunburn haha :grin:

27 apr 2018

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