CROSS :camera_with_flash: Chisto Cross 4

26 apr 2018

Last Sunday, following Les Boucles d'Or @loume and I were still in :flag-fr: Lyon, France to attend the Chisto Cross 4th and final edition hosted by Team Wild Child with Roulez Jeunesse and the fat guys from Team Gras

The 3 first editions have been covered here.

Some went to have FUN

Like Pierre and his townie-gobee-shlag machine

Some went for the win

While others remained fixed whatever the conditions

We've seen different levels and styles.

For example this technical area. There's the obvious technique to keep pedaling whatever is in front if you.

The Safe technique

And the Sauvicrew's technique, it's like the first one but you're not really under control

As for the sand area, there was a jump/gap

That you can mastered (even with a 20kg bike) :the_horns:

There's the running technique

And apparently there's a 3rd one: Huh ?!

As for the start, I haven't really understood the Team Wild Child technique which seems to consist of starting last, but it seemed to have been efficient since he finished second.

Few problems occured but nothing too serious

Congratz to the winners

And a big up to Quatto for their gorgeous outfits :wink:

See you to the next one guys :facepunch: Cheers :beers:

Here are all of our photos, unedited, unfiltered. This way you'll probably find a picture of your mates performing like noobs, and become the King of trolls.

25 apr 2018

Braaap braaap braaap awesome shooots !

29 apr 2018


29 apr 2018

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